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      MiniPod 8U

      MiniPod-Immersion Cooling solutions for Data Centers

      Suitable for Enterprise and Edge deployments

      Simplifying Infra requirements for small enterprise

      Built for remote and unmanned site locations

      Key Features

      Remote management

      Split Unit architecture – with Outdoor radiator Unit

      Heat Dissipation

      2 kW to 6 kW

      Form Factor


      Download Specification

        MiniPod 3U

        Suitable for ISP Node / Telecom Tower deployments

        Self Sustained, Monoblock Architecture

        Suitable for Outdoor deployments

        Key Features

        IP65 rating for IT cabinet

        Redundant Pump Configuration

        Heat Dissipation

        Up to 2 kW

        Form Factor


        Download Specification


          The compact design of the Mini Pod saves valuable floor space, making it ideal for installations where space is limited or at a premium.


          The Mini Pod offers a cost-effective cooling solution for small to medium-sized data centers or server rooms, providing efficient temperature control without the need for expensive infrastructure upgrades.

          Energy Efficient

          With its advanced cooling technology and energy-efficient components, the Mini Pod helps reduce energy consumption and lower operating costs compared to traditional cooling systems.